Packing & Preparing

Packing for camp is so much fun! We receive many questions regarding packing and have tried to answer any packing questions below. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our office.

What Should I Pack for Camp?

The best place to start is by looking over our camp packing lists.

Trunks or Duffels?

You can use either a footlocker or duffel bag. Send blankets, sheets, towels, pillow and sleeping bag in a duffel bag and send clothes in a footlocker or duffel bag. Our cabins do not have space for large trunks and as a result, wardrobe trunks are not allowed. Each boy will have wooden shelves to arrange all his belongings and trunks will be safely stored underneath the cabins.

Can My Camper Bring a Hammock?

Campers who have completed grades 6 – 9 (Warrior, Brave, and Chief age groups) are allowed to bring hammocks to camp. Boys completing 1st - 5th grade (Hunter, Trapper, and Scout age groups) are not allowed to bring hammocks to camp. Hammocks are not allowed in Junior Camp for any age.

This policy is to ensure the safety of all campers. Our older boys enjoy the communal aspect of “hanging out” in the hammocks. It is our experience that younger boys use hammocks for unsafe horseplay.

Leave the Following at Home

As you’re packing everything your son will need at camp this summer, please leave the following items out.

Cell Phones

Campers may not bring a cell phone to camp. If a camper is found having a cell phone or using a cell phone (theirs or someone else’s) 24 hours after arrival, HE WILL BE SENT HOME.

Campers who are traveling to camp by bus or plane may travel with a cell phone or electronic device. Once they arrive at camp, all devices MUST be turned in to his counselor. The devices will be stored safely in the office and charged (if cables are provided) prior to departure from camp.


Campers are not allowed to have food in their cabins. This includes sunflower seeds, mints, candy, bubble gum and powdered drink mixes. These items invite unwanted critters into the cabins, create an unnecessarily competitive atmosphere among campers and create litter around camp.


We value recorded music at camp and use it regularly for special events and activities. However, our desire is to provide the most wholesome atmosphere possible for your son during his stay at Alpine. We want campers to enjoy the sights and sounds of Lookout Mountain, Little River, and live musical instruments away from the streaming music and images that dominate our culture. For this reason, we do not allow MP3 players, radios or any other electronic listening or playing devices at camp. This includes iPods, iPads, PDAs, Game Boys, PSPs, Kindles, tablets, etc.


THE USE OF TOBACCO, ALCOHOL OR ILLEGAL DRUGS IN ANY FORM will result in immediate dismissal from camp.


Campers are not allowed to bring firearms, knives or any other item that could be used as a weapon to camp.


Your son should not bring valuable items such as expensive cameras, watches or jewelry to camp. Personal pets or animals are not allowed at camp.


Digital cameras are not allowed at camp. Campers may bring an inexpensive, non-digital camera to document their experience at camp.


Campers are not allowed to bring personal vehicles to camp.


For safety reasons, no campers are allowed to wear piercings to camp.

Can I Ship My Son’s Luggage?

You are welcome to ship your son’s trunk/duffel bag to camp. We recommend FedEx Ground. They deliver directly to camp on a daily basis. Please send luggage to:

Alpine Camp for Boys, Inc.
HOLD FOR - “Your Son’s Name” – “Term He is Attending”
138 County Road 619
Mentone, Alabama 35984

FedEx may advise that your duffel bag should be packed inside a corrugated box or other heavy duty box. You can purchase heavy duty boxes from The UPS Store, Kinko’s, etc. Trunks do not need to be boxed. Please check with FedEx for weight and size limitations. Plan to have your shipment arrive 3-5 business days prior to Opening Day.