Requirements & Responsibilities

Each member of our staff works as both a cabin counselor and activity specialist. Counselors must be 18, having completed their freshman year of college, and demonstrate a living faith in Jesus Christ. After arriving for staff training, counselors remain at camp until the end of the second session in late summer. They are expected to be on call at all times except when off-duty during several nights out each session. Each counselor will also receive an off period from their activity each day, a personal break but in camp.

Camp counseling rewards ambitious people, especially those receiving satisfaction from a job well done. It is a full time job with adequate time off, but it is only fun for good, clean people who place their campers’ interests ahead of their own.

Mr. OAlpine founder and director emeritus

A counselor must be willing to submit to the authority of the administration, his head counselor, and activity head, even if he disagrees with a decision. Alpine is one of the most fun places for a college man to work. It is also a job and the rules and regulations set forth in staff training are expected to be followed.

Staff Training

Waterfront, canoeing, horseback riding, riflery, archery, and climbing staff arrive early to receive specialized training in their activities as well as certifications from their respective associations including:

  • American Red Cross
  • American Canoe Association
  • Certified Horsemanship Association
  • Civilian Marksmanship Program
  • National Archery Development Association
  • Association for Challenge Course Technology

They are then joined by the rest of the staff for 9 days of general staff training.

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We take staff training very seriously.

The entire staff participates in fun team building exercises. We cover important topics surrounding health and safety of campers, child protection policies, and more. All staff receive CPR and First Aid certification. Each day opens with an intensive Bible study, and continues with seminars from nationally renowned child psychologists, camp parents, and veteran counselors. Finally, before the start of camp, a director sits down with each counselor to go over every member of his cabin for the summer.

With hard work, long hours, and plenty of fun activities thrown in, staff finish training with a heightened reliance upon God’s grace, complete trust in their fellow counselors, and an understanding of the boys who will be under their care for the summer.

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General Expectations

Counselors live in a cabin with one other counselor and 6-10 campers. They sit with them for meals, lead them to morning devotions, conduct evening devotions, lead camping expeditions, join their cabins on hiking and rafting trips, and generally look out for their cabin during their summer at Alpine.

Activity specialists lead or assist in an activity assigned prior to arrival. Any required certification is paid and provided for by the camp. During staff training, they join the head counselors to plan their respective activities for the summer and develop the skills required to implement their curricula.

Throughout the summer, I felt, simultaneously, the thrill of an exciting adventure and the comfort of being at home, where things were in their proper order. I am thankful to have been part of the Alpine adventure story.

Former counselorFulbright Scholarship recipient

In addition to these general responsibilities, every member of the staff holds himself in readiness for whatever the summer brings along. It may be an encouraging word after a hard loss on the athletic field. Or wrestling through difficult issues raised during evening devotions. Or listening to a child who is feeling a bit homesick. Whatever is asked of them, staff experience tremendous personal growth and satisfaction as they pour their lives into their campers.

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