Bedwetting is a common occurrence with boys, and we believe it should never prohibit a boy from attending camp. Our number one objective is to ensure that no camper is embarrassed or humiliated by this problem he has no control over. Please communicate to your son how important it is for him to tell his counselor when he has wet the bed and that the counselor will hold it in strict confidence.

Communication is Everything

We recommend that a boy work out a secret signal with his counselor to indicate if he has wet the bed in the morning (i.e. a flashlight left on his pillow). One counselor will take the cabin to morning watch while the other stays behind to change sheets. He will bag the sheets and wet underwear, disinfect the mattress, and put clean sheets on the bed (please send several extra sets of sheets for consistent bedwetters).

Wet sheets and clothes will be cleaned by our housekeeping staff. Charges for this service will be billed to your son’s store allowance and any overage will be invoiced to you after camp.