Welcome to Lookout Mountain

Alpine Camp is located on the crest of historic Lookout Mountain in a setting of unusual scenic beauty. Massive rocks, a rushing waterfall, a clear, quiet river, and rustic log buildings make up the landscape of your son’s summer at camp.

The Ideal Location

Near the western brow of Lookout Mountain, 1,900 feet above sea level, the northern Alabama climate is perfect. During the summer, days are warm and sunny while the nights are refreshingly cool. Originally home to Cherokee and Creek Indians, the entire region surrounding Alpine boasts rich historical interest and Indian lore. Bordered on two sides by 3,500-acre DeSoto State Park and Little River Canyon National Preserve, the camp property offers the ideal setting for adventure.

By being its own little world, Alpine encourages everyone to be nothing but his own true self. When social media, girls, grades, parents, and all other areas to make an impression are removed from the picture, there is no longer a need to be someone you aren’t.

Hunter W.Camper

While it feels remote, Alpine is easily accessible by air or road. Campers may fly into the Birmingham airport, where they will be met by Alpine staff members, and travel to camp on chartered buses. Alpine is 100 miles north of Birmingham, 45 miles south of Chattanooga, 120 miles northwest of Atlanta, and 7 miles from nearby Mentone, Alabama.

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Camp Facilities

Alpine’s property includes 350 wooded acres surrounding the main lodge overlooking Little River. Each of the cabins nestled in the woods are spacious and well-ventilated, accommodating five to ten boys and two counselors.

The camp is divided into three cabin areas: the Canyon, for boys finishing second, third, fourth, and fifth grades; the Mountain, for boys finishing fifth, sixth, and seventh grades; and the Ridge, welcoming campers having completed eighth and ninth grades. A total of 64 buildings make up the camp facilities.

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