There is no better place to swim and canoe than the clean, cool waters of Little River. A corps of qualified lifeguards trained in the American Red Cross Aquatics program oversee the watersports program and every precaution is taken.


Above a dam in Little River, Alpine campers explore nearly a mile of calm, open water in canoes and paddleboards. A safety test in swimming is required before taking out a canoe or watercraft and no watercraft are used unless waterfront personnel are present. All participants are required to wear life jackets.

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On the far end of the open water, down-river from the watercraft dock, lies a quiet swimming area with no current which Alpine refers to as the Waterfront. Fun activities there include the Aqua Jump — a water trampoline floating in the middle of the river, complete with small blob and rope swing off the sides — and two Wet Willie waterslides. Everyone in and around the water is required to wear life jackets.

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Swimming Pool

The large swimming pool, set atop a knoll overlooking the lower parts of camp, is another nice place to keep cool on a hot summer day.