Opening Day Health Policies

Health Screen

After drop off on Opening Day each camper will receive a health screen from our camp nurses and doctor. Nurses will do a check for lice. Please do not bring your child to camp if he has had a fever any time in the previous 24 hours. Boys must be fever free for 24 hours without medication to enter a cabin. Any boy with a fever is required to be quarantined in our camp infirmary. This is a very difficult way to begin camp, thus we recommend he stay with you until fever free. Please call our office and leave a message for the nurse. They will call you and consult about the best time for your son to come to camp.


Do not bring your son to camp with live lice or nits (lice eggs). Upon discovery of either at the health screen our nurses will consult with the directors and notify the parents. Alpine will arrange with a professional lice service for complete removal. Cost for this service will be the sole responsibility of the parent. In addition, Alpine may bill a processing fee to your account, covering laundry and transportation costs.

Please avoid this by thoroughly checking your son prior to his arrival. A camper must be free of all lice and nits to enter a cabin.


Please be sure to complete your camper’s medication information in the Health History if he will be taking any medication while at camp. During check-in our medical staff will give you a printout of the medication information you provided in the Health History to review and revise, if necessary, when they collect your son’s medications. Please do not bring over the counter pain relievers or cough medicines. We keep a large stock of routine medications on hand at all times in our infirmary.

Campers are not allowed to keep ANY medication in their cabin. Medications brought to camp will be stored and administered by a nurse at the Infirmary. Please give all medications to the medical staff during check in. Please do not leave it with your son or his counselors.

  • Rx medications: Must be in original labeled bottles or accompanied by a Dr.’s Rx or Dr.’s order with instructions for administration.
  • Over the Counter Medications: There is no need to bring OTC medicines to camp as we have these at the Infirmary and will administer to your camper if he needs them. If you do choose to send personal OTC medicines to camp, they will be kept at the Infirmary and need to be given to the medical staff during your drive through check in.
  • Vitamins/Supplements: Should also be given to the medical staff during your drive through check in on Opening Day. These should be brought to camp in original labeled containers. Please leave gummy type supplements and vitamins at home, including melatonin. Boys tend to sleep more soundly at camp due to all the physical activity.
  • Emergency Medications: If your son needs to keep a medication with him such as a rescue inhaler for asthma or an Epi-pen for severe allergic reactions, please let our medical team know at check in. Please check the expiration dates on these before bringing to camp.

Please note: Because we have a very structured schedule, children who are on medication for ADD/ADHD often have a better camp experience if they stay on their medication while at camp.


For safety reasons, campers may not wear piercings of any kind at camp.