Before Camp

Carter and I are grateful for the trust you have placed in Alpine. We want you to know that our most important responsibility for the summer is the health and safety of your son. We do not take this privilege lightly. Below you will find our Covid health guidelines for the Summer of 2021. We are dedicated to doing everything we can to ensure a safe and healthy summer.

  • Your camper will be required to submit a negative molecular PCR Covid-19 test for entrance to camp. A rapid test will not be accepted. We recommend Vault Health’s PCR test (though you may choose any physician’s office or company’s PCR test). It is a saliva test, costs $119, and is covered by most insurance companies. Click here follow the instructions to order your test. You will need to order the test at least 14 days prior to your Opening Day.
  • The only exception to submitting a negative test will be if your camper contracts Covid in the 90 day window leading up to his Opening Day. In this case, we will accept a paper copy of his positive Covid test dated within 90 days of his Opening Day date.
  • We are asking your camper to quarantine for 7 days prior to his arrival at camp. He would take the test on Day 3 or 4 and then continue to quarantine until Opening Day.
  • What do we mean by quarantine? Campers should not be with friends or in public settings such as restaurants, sporting events, etc. The only exception will be if school is still taking place within the 7 day window. We are also asking family members to avoid these settings unless absolutely necessary, such as work and grocery shopping. Even then please use extra care and wear a mask and physical distance. Also, note that the Junior Camp quarantine period takes place over a holiday weekend so you will need to make arrangements to ensure you can receive the results of the Covid test in time to travel to Alpine.
  • To be admitted to camp, the camper must present a paper copy of his negative PCR test upon arrival.
  • We also ask you to take your child’s temperature every day during the 7 day quarantine. And ask your child if he is experiencing any other symptoms of Covid-19.