Leaving Home

For many boys, camp is their first experience away from home for an extended period of time. It is only natural that some of these boys will experience a genuine case of homesickness. Everyone misses something about home. This is a healthy feeling! Years of experience have taught us that periods of homesickness are usually brief. With your close cooperation and understanding, we feel that overcoming homesickness can be a valuable step in the emotional development of your son.

Prepare for Leaving Home

Before camp starts, it is normal for boys to be nervous and even express concern about coming to camp. The best thing you can do is highlight all the positive aspects of camp. It is very important that you do not make a “pick-up deal.” A “pick-up deal” is when the parent promises to come pick up their son if he is not having fun. Studies have proven that once this deal is made a boy will not make the effort to get into camp and overcome his fear, but rather, will only focus on going home.

Respond Cheerfully to Homesick Letters

Once your son is at camp, if you receive one or two homesick letters, please do not be alarmed. Respond quickly with a letter that is cheerful and firm. Parental firmness has proven a near positive cure. If the letters continue you are welcome to call or email Carter and she will be happy to check on the situation.