Opening & Closing Day

Opening Day

Drop off between 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM CDT will be staggered. Closer to Opening Day you will receive an email with your arrival time window.

We want to give you a warm welcome on Opening Day and provide a smooth transition into camp for your son. We will utilize a drive through drop off system this year. In our attempt to create a Covid free bubble, we are asking all parents and guests to stay in their cars at all times.

We recommend a rest stop before arrival. Portable toilets will be available at camp along your check in route.

  • First Stop – Our Head staff will greet you and give your son’s cabin assignment to you!
  • Second Stop – A staff member will greet you. They will take the copy of your negative PCR test. They will also do a temperature check of your son, and take any medications and dosage instructions Medication Record must be filled out prior to arrival).
  • Third Stop – The Directors will greet you at your car.
  • Fourth Stop – You’ll pull up to your son’s cabin. Your son’s counselors will come to the vehicle to meet you and your son. Staff will be on hand to take all your camper’s belongings to the cabin. We ask that parents stay in the car and say your goodbyes. The counselor will take your son to his cabin to meet up with his cabin mates. Parents will need to stay in their cars the entire time. While we know this is difficult, we firmly believe (based on camps that operated in 2020) that this is the best chance we have at creating a safe, Covid free bubble. Camps that operated last summer reported that this process actually led to a much smoother transition into camp, with less homesickness, for both new and veteran campers. We recommend talking with your camper about this process beforehand so he can be prepared. Be positive and express your confidence in him.

Once the drop off period closes, Glenn conducts an orientation meeting for campers, then it’s time for Miss Gail’s wonderful chicken and biscuit lunch! There are other housekeeping items to finish on opening day — a health check by our camp doctor and activity lists are handed out. Dinner and night activities round out the day.

Closing Day

Camp gates open at 7:30 am CDT for all terms on Closing Day. Pick up is from 7:30 am to 11:00 am CDT.

Any Alpine camper who will be riding home with someone other than his parent or legal guardian must provide written permission to the camp office.

We will be in touch closer to camp with more details about Closing Day.