Alpine Store

Store Allowance

Tuition includes all store snacks, professional cabin and individual photos, chartered buses, admission tickets and spending money for trips, guided services for white water rafting, rappelling, rock climbing, and Chief II trips. We ask that you fund a store allowance for your son. This will cover any incidentals (e.g. prescription drug costs) or items he may have forgotten or lost (e.g. toothpaste or stamps).

Camp provides a small store with stamps, stationery, soap, toothpaste, shampoo and other basic necessities. Recommended amounts are $25 for Junior Camp and $50 for First and Second Term. Any unused allowance will be refunded after camp. Account overruns will be billed to you after camp.

Camp Gear & Knitwear

Alpine Camp gear and knitwear (T-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, tribe jerseys, Crazy Creek chairs, laundry bags, etc.) is also available for sale in the store. Before camp begins, we will provide a knitwear order form for you to complete and send back to Camp. You now have the ability to upload a PDF file of your knitwear order directly to your son’s record or you can mail or email a copy to our office. Your knitwear orders should be sent no later than 4 weeks prior to the start of camp. Alpine requires that each camper have a minimum of two camp T-shirts and a tribe neckerchief along with a slide to be used with the neckerchief. We do not fill knitwear orders until the campers arrive at camp. All knitwear is labeled when delivered. The staff in the store will double check the sizes you ordered while your son is in the store. If he needs a different size they will gladly swap it out for him.

You may also specify on the order form if you would like your son to be allowed to purchase extra gear from the store and you may put a limit on how much they are allowed to purchase. You may choose to fund this extra amount (any amount not spent will be refunded to you) or we can bill your account at the end of the summer.