Alpine Store

Store Allowance

The Alpine Camp Store provides stamps, stationery, soap, toothpaste, shampoo and other basic necessities. Your son’s account will be charged for the recommended allowance of $25 for Junior Camp and $50 for First and Second Term. This covers incidentals from the store he might need during the term as well as prescription drug costs, lost & found shipping, or individual transportation (opening and closing day bus or shuttles). Any unused allowance will be refunded after camp.

Camp Knitwear & Gear

Alpine Camp Knitwear & Gear (T-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, tribe jerseys, Crazy Creek chairs, laundry bags, etc.) is also available for sale in the Alpine Store. Before camp begins, download and complete the Alpine Knitwear & Gear Order Form. Upload a PDF file of your order form to your son’s record and those items will be ready for him on Opening Day! Your order form should be uploaded no later than 4 weeks prior to the start of camp.

Alpine requires that each camper have a minimum of two white Sunday T-shirts, one tribe T-shirt, and a tribe neckerchief and slide. Orders are not filled until the campers arrive at camp. All knitwear & gear is labeled when delivered. The staff in the store will double check the sizes you ordered while your son is in the store. If he needs a different size, they will gladly swap it out for him.

Please indicate on the order form if your son is allowed to purchase extra knitwear & gear from the Alpine Store. You may set a dollar amount on how much he is allowed to purchase. Your son’s account will be charged at the end of camp for extra knitwear & gear purchased during his term.