Alpine Camp Store

Store Allowance

The Alpine Camp Store provides stamps, stationery, soap, toothpaste, shampoo and other basic necessities. Your son’s account will be charged for his Alpine Camp Store allowance. Store allowance is $25 for Junior Camp and $50 for First and Second Term. This is used for incidentals from the store he might need during the term as well as prescription drug costs, lost & found shipping, etc. Any unused allowance or overage will be refunded/billed after camp.

Camp Gear

First, go to our Alpine Online Store and place an order for your son’s summer gear. All required items MUST be ordered before your camper arrives. There is also a selection of non-required gear for sale. All orders will be shipped to you prior to camp. Junior Camp required items are: 2 Alpine white Sunday shirts and 1 pair of white shorts (Alpine or other). First and Second Term required items are: 2 Alpine Sunday white shirts and 2 pair of white shorts (Alpine or other).

Second, complete the Camp Gear Form and Tribe Gear Form. Access these required forms on the Forms & Documents page by going to our website and logging in to your son’s account. Campers will not join or reaffirm their tribe until arrival at camp. And thus, these are the only items we will not ship. Based on your order form, these items will be given to your son once he joins a tribe. These orders will be added to your camper’s account and billed after camp. Required tribe items for all terms are: 1 Alpine tribe shirt, 1 Alpine tribe neckerchief and 1 slide. (Returning campers will indicate on Tribe Gear Form if no Tribe Gear is needed.)

Campers will not be able to purchase or receive required or non-required camp gear during camp. Be sure to order everything he needs before May 1st!

Tribe Gear and Camp Gear Forms will be available on your Forms & Documents page in mid-March.