Flying to Camp

Flying Unaccompanied

Some parents choose for their son(s) to fly to and from camp by themselves; others send their son(s) to camp via plane but then pick them up at the end of the session (and vice versa). If you would like your son(s) to fly to or from camp unaccompanied, we are happy to provide transportation for him to and from the Atlanta Airport. Atlanta is the only city where Alpine Camp provides this service to camp families. You will need to book your own reservations for your son(s). If you plan to fly with your son and come on into Camp by car, please do not complete the Flight information on his travel form. Driving through the gates with you or someone you arrange is considered “CAR” transportation.

Campers should plan to fly into the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport and need to arrive between 8:00 AM CDT and 11:00 AM CDT on Opening Day. Departures from camp to the Atlanta Airport should be scheduled between 8:00 AM CDT and 11:00 AM CDT on Closing Day. If you have any questions about flights, etc. please call our office at 256-634-4404 and speak with Jennifer McCall. The cost for this service is $85.00 one way or $170.00 round trip.

We will have staff members at the Atlanta Airport meeting flights on Opening Day and delivering boys to their flights on Closing Day. In addition to completing the ALPINE TRAVEL FORM, please provide Camp with copies of your son’s Complete Airline Itinerary and his E-ticket at least two weeks before he comes to Camp. The Itinerary will include all the information Camp needs for his travel to and from camp: Carrier Name, Flight Number, Time of Arrival/Departure Time/Date and Confirmation Number. Please also include all connecting flight information on the travel form and reconfirm all travel information a week before your son(s) comes to camp. The ALPINE TRAVEL FORM will be available in your son’s FORMS & DOCUMENTS in the Spring. Campers may not arrive at camp prior to opening day. Campers may not arrive at camp prior to opening day.