Communicating With Your Camper

Camper Mail

Campers love to receive letters from family and friends. To mail a card or letter to your son during camp, please use the address below:

(Your Son’s Name)
(Your Son’s Cabin)
Alpine Camp for Boys
P.O. Box 297
Mentone, AL 35984

Your son will receive his cabin assignment on the first day of camp. It is fine to send the first few letters with just his name. Please be sure to let family know to address letters with your son’s name and cabin name/number on the envelope and to use his name, and not nicknames, on the letter.

Please note that only cards and letters will be delivered to your son. Any item larger than a letter envelope is considered a package and will not be delivered. Please do not include anything in a letter like gum, mints, trinkets, etc.



All large envelopes, padded envelopes, and regular envelopes containing “anything” (other than your letter) are considered packages (don’t send these!); Any packages mistakenly mailed to campers by friends or family will be held in the office until the end fo the term. However, if there is a necessary item left at home, or a birthday gift (no food) you may mail the package addressed to:

Carter Breazeale
Alpine Camp for Boys
ATTN: (Your Son's FULL Name)
P.O. Box 297
Mentone, AL  35984

Please make sure that your camper’s name is clearly marked. If it is a birthday package, please be sure to add: “Birthday (and the Birthday Date)” to the package and mark “HOLD FOR BIRTHDAY”.

Necessary Items

  • Bible
  • Rain boots
  • Eye glasses
  • A retainer
  • Pillow left at home

Not Necessary

  • Magazines
  • Costumes/dress-up clothes
  • Stickers
  • Notepads/Gifts
  • Etc.

These items will kept at camp until Closing Day and sent home with your camper. If you have any questions about our package policy, please call our office at 256-634-4404 or email


If you need to mail medication to camp, please mail it to:

ATTN: Infirmary
(Your Son's Name)
Alpine Camp for Boys
P.O. Box 297
Mentone, AL  35984

If you need to use FedEx/UPS to send medication to camp, please use the following address:

ATTN: Infirmary
(Your Son's Name)
Alpine Camp for Boys
138 County Road 619
Mentone, AL 35984
Phone: 256-634-4404

CampMinder Email

Alpine offers a one-way email service through our website Camp provides each parent with a login ID and a password. This will be the same log in you will use to complete your son’s online forms. Parents can then create guest accounts for extended family and friends. The website allows parents to email campers as well as read the daily newsletter. Alpine reserves the right not to deliver inappropriate emails. Emails received after 7:00 AM CDT will be delivered the following day. Due to the large volume of emails that our camp receives, we cannot deliver emails that are sent to our camp office.

Campers will not be able to send email from camp but will be encouraged to write letters home. It is strongly encouraged that you pre-address envelopes for your campers. This will ensure that your camper’s letters will arrive safely. When pre-addressing envelopes, please put your return address on the envelope. In the event that the letter is returned, it will be returned to you and not to camp.

Phone Calls

Campers are not allowed to receive phone calls. Any calls made to campers must be cleared through the director.

Camper Well-Being Checks

Parents are welcome to check in with our office with a concern or question about your camper. We ask that you either call the office (256-634-4404) or email or one of our directors. Please do not text or call other Alpine Staff members (including nurses or doctors) for routine check-ins or concerns.