Typical Camp Afternoon

A few days ago I wrote about a normal morning at camp. I’d like to give you a peek into what goes on in most afternoons, like today. First I should mention that lunch today was one of my personal favorites of the whole term, a Christmas feast. Yesterday and today we celebrated Summer Christmas with the Hunters (our youngest age group). So at lunch Mrs. Gail obliged and served us turkey and dressing, with homemade gravy, green beans, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce.

Be on the lookout for some great photos of Hunter Christmas. Carter had the boys and their counselors down to our house yesterday to decorate Christmas cookies and sing Christmas carols. This morning we had a visit from Santa and read the Christmas story from Luke 2.

Lunch allows for a midday gathering of all of camp. We refuel and also here from Roderick about our plans for the afternoon.

From lunch we recess to our cabins for a much needed Rest Hour during the heat of the day. Counselors stop at our Store to gather the mail and emails for the day, carefully sorted by our wonderful store ladies. During rest hour some boys choose quietly to read or write a letter on their bed. Others play games of cards with bunkmates. Some even take a nap! The proportion of nappers rises sharply with age!

At 2:30 sharp a bell rings loudly to signal the end of rest hour and beginning of store period. In the Canyon cabin area, where the younger boys live, you can audibly hear hundreds of feet simultaneously hit the floor, rushing to be first in line for store. Store allows for an ice cream or candy treat, as well as a drink, and then a few minutes of free time with your buddies. Boys play Gladiator Ball or ping pong, sit on the rock wall and visit, or take on their friends in a game of frisbee golf.

At the end of store, we move towards our afternoon activity classes. Two classes fill our afternoon, ending a little after 5PM. Boys and counselors make their way from the last activity back to cabins to get ready for showers. Each camper is required to take a shower before supper. We go as cabins to the shower and 2 counselors sit outside to monitor. Once you are fresh and clean you have a little free time to, you guessed it, go play again!

The next bell calls us to Retreat, an age old camp tradition. At Retreat we line up by cabins, ensuring that everyone is accounted for. We face the flagpole, hands to our heart, and recite the Pledge of Allegiance as the flag is lowered. Then Roderick gives us the plan for our evening, usually a variety of night games for each age group.

For supper tonight we dined on sliced ham, pinto beans, homemade mac and cheese, and cornbread. She also provides salsa in bowls. Some like to mix the beans and mac and put salsa on it for a delicious combo. Supper time has a more relaxed feel to it. The sun is setting out the screen windows of the dining hall to our west, over the river. Boys talk about their day or share strategies for the night’s capture the flag game or spotlight challenge.

Next time, I’ll detail a night at camp and hope to explain some of the games we play so you’ll be well versed when your camper gets home! Tonight we ended the evening a bit early. We’re up extra early in the morning to catch our chartered buses for an adventurous Trip Day. Wayne will bring you all the news from Trip Day over the weekend.

Thanks for reading and good night, Glenn