Mid Week Update

This afternoon held our first Block Period of the term. Every so often in the schedule, Roderick Russ, our program director, schedules a block for the two afternoon periods. It’s basically a pause in the normal activities that boys are signed up for. Roderick assigns each age group to a special afternoon activity or two.

By the way, I should probably introduce Roderick. He’s been our 2nd Term program director for a number of summers now. He was actually my counselor when I was a camper here in the 90’s. He and his wife Tricia, live in Nashville, TN with their 5 children. He’s a teacher at Montgomery Bell Academy, teaching middle school English and history classes.He also coaches track and cross country and is an avid runner.

So Roderick gave us a block period afternoon. I was able to walk around and witness some of the action - campers and counselors were having a blast. I watched the Braves (rising 8th graders) playing a brand new Alpine game introduced by Roderick. Alpine Handball. Two teams formed.It’s a blend of basketball and soccer played on the Team sports field. Players would dribble a small playground ball or pass to a teammate. If the ball drops then it’s turned over to the other team. Players shoot on the opposing teams goal (small soccer goals).

The Warriors (rising 7th grade)also took a turn playing handball. From all accounts it was a big hit. Boys love competition and this scratches that itch in a new way.

Our Trappers (rising 5th) got to take a turn in our indoor Bouldering Barn. The barn has inverted walls at varying angles covered with climbing holds. It’s about 10 feet high and has soft mattresses along the floor to pad a fall. These boys climbed to their heart’s content.

The Scouts (rising 6th) enjoyed an afternoon on the river. They had the Waterfront all to themselves. It was a warm, sunny afternoon and the cool waters of Little River provided a perfect respite. And the water slides and water zipline provided plenty of adventure. The Hunters, our youngest campers, were able to participate in some group tag games before playing a beloved game in the gym called Ultimate Kickball. I don’t really understand all the rules but I know they love it!

Our Chiefs (rising 9th and 10th) hiked up to the soccer field and played a game called World Cup soccer and one called Goaltimate, a cross between Ultimate frisbee and soccer. They sweated hard and had a lot of fun.

Mrs. Gail and our kitchen staff put on some fine food today. For breakfast, warm oatmeal with brown sugar, toast, scrambled eggs, and link sausage graced our tables. Then at lunch she served hamburger steak with gravy, steamed broccoli, mashed potatoes, and a green salad. Tonight’s dinner is an Alpine favorite - homemade mac and cheese, pinto beans, cornbread, sliced ham, and cole slaw. It is served with salsa as a condiment. Many folks like to mix it all together and top it with the salsa. While it may sound a bit random, it is always met with great excitement!

Tomorrow our regularly scheduled activities will continue. At this point in the term, boys are so comfortable here. Old friends have been reunited. More importantly, new friendships have been formed. Everywhere I go there are boys walking and talking who didn’t even know each other a week ago. They are making friends, and doing it unplugged from screens.

Thanks for reading and good night, Glenn