1st Weekend of 2nd Term

All the anticipation for another summer full of fun activities and camp traditions culminated on Saturday as the boys of second term had their first full day at camp. You could feel the excitement in the air of the dining hall as the boys fueled up on a breakfast of oatmeal, eggs, link sausage, cereal, and toast. It felt great to be back at camp, and after the reunions and introductions from the day before, everyone was ready to get back into the routine of Alpine.

I’m Wayne Ingram, from Birmingham, AL. After 8 years as a camper and 3 on staff at camp, I graduated from the University of Alabama, and spent about three years in the world of public accounting as a CPA. This spring, Glenn gave me a call, and I was given the opportunity to return to Alpine as the Associate Director for Marketing and Admissions.

Before the boys could head out, they worked together to tidy up their cabins. After the last floor was swept and bunk made, they rotated through their first 3 activities and the fun began. Bows were strung, golf balls were struck, tennis balls were served, PA course harnesses were locked in, and cane poles were dropped in the pond. It is so wonderful to hear the sound of camp in full swing. Just by walking down the main road, you can hear all forms of laughter, cheers, instructions, and encouragement.

At lunch time, a classic Alpine meal of chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, salad, and rolls greeted the boys and counselors, followed by cheesecake for dessert. At the end of the meal, a much needed rest hour was observed prior to an afternoon featuring store period and two more activity rotations. It has been pleasantly cool the last few days, which makes the afternoons all that more enjoyable.

Following their last activity of the day, the boys hit the showers and proceeded to retreat- a pre-dinner tradition where all of camp lines up in front of the dining hall to say the pledge, listen to announcements, and hear what is on the schedule for night programs. At dinner, spaghetti and garlic bread were served up in the dining hall, and everyone made their way to the tennis courts for Glee Club. Over the years, several popular songs have been given an Alpine rewrite to become camp songs. Age groups then broke off to play Capture the Flag, Xtreme 4 Square, Spotlight, or have S’mores at the Ridge before heading to bed.

Sunday’s at Alpine are always special. The boys arose to the unmistakable aroma of hot pancakes and sausage made by Ms. Gail Collins and our kitchen staff. The made from scratch and freshly griddled pancakes we enjoy on Sundays have a legendary reputation. Campers returned for a special “white gloved” inspection of their cabins, and put on their whites in preparation for morning Worship in the gym.

Our Camp Minister for the Summer is William Bondurant, the campus minister for RUF at Texas A&M. William preached, and boys sang classic hymns played by counselors’ acoustic guitars. We shuffled out of the gym to participate in another great Alpine tradition: the all-camp picture at the Council Ring. Each term from each summer takes a picture for the archives, and they are hung up in the lodge, where former campers and staff can visit and see them for years to come.

Sunday lunch at Alpine is Baked Chicken, green beans, rice with gravy, halved pears, and rolls. Our kitchen staff also scoops out our favorite ice cream, Moosetracks, for dessert. The rest of the afternoon consisted of an extended rest hour and games with the age group, followed by fresh watermelon served on the Team Sports Field.

As the evening rolled around, we had our first summer storm of the term. Boys finished dinner, and, with the help of their counselors, passed the time with creative games and activities. There were stories told, competitions held, and a couple age groups even came up with skits with their cabins and performed them for the rest of the group. The night ended with a night time edition of morning watch known as vespers. All in all, it was a fantastic start to the term.

Looking forward to a great first full week. Thanks for reading!