Saturday Evening Suare

Roderick gave us an extra long shower period yesterday afternoon. That could only mean one thing. The Desoto girls are coming!

Boys showered extra nice, donned the collared shirt mom packed, maybe a squirt of cologne from their counselor and were ready. Excitement was palpable complete with much confident chatter and fist bumps.

Last night was a perfect night for dancing with our friends from Desoto. There were 3 party spots. Our Hunters, Trappers, and Scouts were kindly invited over to Desoto for a BBQ supper and a square dance in their warm and inviting new gym. We welcomed their older girls (6th grade and up) for dinner in our Dining Hall. After a hamburger buffet, the 6th and 7th grades enjoyed tunes and dancing in Deerfoot Lodge. Our Chiefs and Desoto’s “Seniors” sashayed out to the gym at Alpine for a dance of their own.

Carter and a crew of helpers decorate in style. Twinkle lights and big Party signs adorned both venues. Rice krispie treats and cupcakes were enjoyed mid dance. Our DJ’s for the evening (veteran Desoto and Alpine counselors!) played some classic line dances known to all the Desoto girls. And picked up quickly by our boys! They also played some fun oldies like Twist and Shout and Ain’t Too Proud to Beg.

After our big night we enjoyed sleeping in a bit today, per usual on Sundays. Today has been a restful change of pace. And the weather has been nice. During church a nice breeze blew through the gym. Our pancake and sausage breakfast this morning started the day off right. And the Sunday lunch of fried chicken, rice and gravy, green beans, sliced pears and yeast rolls never gets old.

The Mohawks claimed victory in the 2nd week of competition, in a reversal of first week’s Cherokee win. The Mohawks eagerly enjoyed that extra bowl of Moosetracks ice cream today.

Tomorrow kicks off our third week of camp for Second Term. So much is happening. Many activities will begin final competitions soon. Some exciting out of camp trips are still upcoming. And the biggest special event all term, Mountain Day. Plus we’ll have to find time to write a few letters to our newfound friends across the Mountain at Camp Desoto!! Stay tuned for those reports.

Thanks for reading, Glenn