Saturday Activities

I love to stroll through camp and visit regular activities when I have time. This morning afforded me the chance. I first encountered a group of Hunters (rising 3rd and 4th) playing a game called Circus Maximus at our Minor Sports activity. Now our arena is not quite like the ones of ancient Rome. But I bet our game is more fun. Minor Sports pairs made up games with great made up stories. This particular game had something to do with Marcus Aurelius and involved dodgeballs, 2 teams, garbage can goals, and a fake horse head mask. I didn’t ask too many questions!

Project Adventure (PA) is our name for the ropes course. Before tackling the high rope elements, classes learn to work together on teambuilding initiatives on our low ropes course. Possibly the most trying is our challenge wall. It stands around 10 feet tall and flat fronted with wood. A group of 15 chiefs (rising 9th and 10th) were ascending the wall when I made my way to PA. The backside of the wooden wall is decked at the top with railings. Two chiefs stood on the deck and leaned over the front, lending a hand as their buddies took turns muscling up and over. Below, other teammates stood at attention, hands in the air, designated as spotters. I watched and cheered on for a few minutes. Soon one of the PA counselors interrupted the chiefs and announced that the successful completion now included getting me over the wall as well. Not what I had bargained for! The boys got pretty excited about this prospect. One kind chief let me put a foot on his knee and hoisted me up until I could reach the waiting hands up above. Thankfully, with their help, I was able to pull up and over without embarrassing myself. And really it was all thanks to the boys’ help. And therein lies the lesson, like so many of the PA low and high elements. We need each other.And through relationships, we learn to trust one another.

With my adrenaline levels up, I quickly made my way by Riflery and Archery. A group of Scouts (rising 6th grade) sat in the waiting area behind the range while another group of their friends shot. The guys sitting proudly displayed their shot targets from the last round. We utilize .22 caliber rifles and place an emphasis on safe firearms handling techniques.

At Archery, a small group of Trappers (rising 5th) plunked arrows into our large, colorful, targets time after time. At the end of the class they let me try out our new compound bows. They are smooth and easy to pull back for all ages. I could have stayed there all day and perfected my aim.

I eased back towards the office, planning to catch up on some emails. But it just so happens the first tee of our frisbee golf course is at the base of the flag pole just in front of the Lodge. And counselor Henry, and his group of Warriors (rising 7th) were just about to tee off. And had an extra frisbee! So I happily obliged and played the first 6 holes with this crew. Boy, my job is tough! I had so much fun playing and talking with this group of great boys. And some fine frisbee throwers.

The weather has warmed a bit this afternoon. But it’s still sunny and breezy, a perfect Saturday for camp. For lunch today we enjoyed Salisbury steak with gravy, mashed potatoes, green peas, and fluffy rolls. And a bowl of peach cobbler for dessert that I could not resist.

Afternoon activities are ongoing as I write this. It’s been a truly wonderful first week of First Term. Next week the pace picks up a bit with some wonderful trips and other special events. Look forward to bringing you that soon. Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend, Glenn