Junior Camp Winding Down

Today’s weather has been the best of the term. A quick, but drenching rainfall yesterday afternoon knocked all the dust off around camp. When the sun peeked back minutes later the humidity level rose drastically. This morning we were relieved to wake to a chilly, blue skied sunrise. Temps in the high 70’s/low 80’s today with virtually no humidity are why we love Lookout Mountain in June! It’s almost always cooler than even the valley a few miles below.

Most donned sweatshirts as cabin doors slammed, sleepy headed boys stumbling out of cabins towards the bathhouses, toothbrush and toothpaste in hand. We start our day with Morning Watch. Which is Alpinese for a devotional led by the head counselor of each age group, in various spots around camp. They sing a few silly, wake up songs and a few hymns with guitar accompaniment. And then open their Bibles for a good word. The backdrops for these are inspiring. Our youngest, living in cabins closest to the Lodge, trek to the back porch of the Lodge overlooking the river canyon. The boys living farther down that first cabin area have a clearing filled with benches below their cabins and also looking out on the river. In the Mountain cabin area (1-15 above the tennis courts and field) a bench filled clearing emerges just behind Cabin 9. This particular spot is surrounded by giant boulders (20 feet tall or more) and even taller hardwoods and pines. The Ridge cabin area worships at another beautiful overlook just behind Ridge 6, again showing off the river canyon below.

The combination of massive rocks, rushing water, and lush foliage serve as reminders of how big our God is and how much he loves us. It’s a centering way to start the day. And fun to do it with your camp friends and counselors.

The sight and feel of the day were not the only senses camp sparked early this morning. As I walked out of my house a good while before breakfast, headed to my office, a distinct smell hit my nose. The smell of sizzling, frying bacon wafted out of the open windows of the Dining Hall! And anyone who’s spent a little time here knows what Gail serves with bacon - say it’s French Toast!!! Indeed, she was not a heartbreaker this morning.

Filled up spiritually and physically, we enjoyed a final day of full activities in Junior Camp. It’s hard to believe this term is almost over. I was talking with one of our other leadership staff tonight walking out of dinner. We both agreed that this term has been one of the smoothest and most fun in memory.

Speaking of dinner, we supped on a buffet dinner of hamburgers with all the fixin’s, chips, baked beans, and cookies for dessert. Today’s lunch was chicken patties, steamed broccoli, and potatoes au gratin.

Tomorrow we’ll spend our morning doing a little necessary packing as well as some fun cabin games. Our afternoon will be our final two regular activities of the term. We celebrate the final night with a grand Olympics field games extravaganza, Cherokee v. Mohawk and some final beloved camp songs.

This will be my final update for Junior Camp. Hopefully you received the email today detailing Closing Day on Wednesday. Gates will open at 7:30 Central and you are welcome to drive directly to your son’s cabin. Most folks will have picked up by 10AM. We would request no visitors for tomorrow as we’ll be busy celebrating our final day together. We are so grateful for the priviledge of caring for your sons this term.

Thanks for reading and good night for now, Glenn