Weekend Fun

Saturdays are action packed activity days just like Monday through Friday around here. We woke at 7 Central like normal. At 7:15 sleepy campers make their way to Morning Watch. Each cabin area has a designated spot, all in picturesque settings. 3 overlook the river canyon at various spots along it’s path. The 4th sits surrounded by giant boulders and lush green trees. 6 days a week we start our day singing and listening to God’s Word in these areas.

From there we hustle to breakfast at 8, usually eager to fill that empty stomach tinge. This morning warm oatmeal, scrambled eggs, link sausage, and bananas awaited us. Skies were cloudy, making for a nice cool morning even into the first two activities of the morning. In between our first two activities, Roderick offers a snack on the porch of the Dining hall. Apples and bananas are piled high for the taking, along with peanut butter crackers (and alternatives for our peanut allergies).

During the third period of the morning, from approximately 11:30-12:30, the sun burned off the clouds and reminded us of summer in July. It was hot and muggy. But lunch came just in the nick of time, at 12:45. We filled our plates with roast beef slices with gravy, steamed broccoli, brown rice, and rolls. Mrs. Gail sent out a special treat for dessert, a rarity. She made a summer blackberry cobbler that was to die for!

After a rest hour the bell rings for Store period! Feet thunder to the ground off bunks and race to get a good place in line. After a snack boys enjoy a few minutes of free time with their buddies. Most wander up to the “game area” up behind the store. Ping pong tables, 4 square courts, washers courts, and the Gladiator ball court provide plenty of action. We brought in Gladiator probably 8 years ago. It took off so quickly we soon had to build 2 more courts for a total of 3. They are octagonal, concrete bottomed, with wood planked siding up to about waist level. Inside the “pit” boys play a fast paced game of dodgeball where you can only slap the ball (no palming) and only get out if hit from the knee down.

The next bell around 3 calls us to our 4th period of the day. Today a light drizzle began right around the beginning of 4th period, soon turning into a fairly hard rain. Classes took cover and played games under shelter for a few minutes before moving back outside. The 5th and final activity slot ends around 5PM, just in time for campers to get a shower before dinner. Tonight we dined on lasagna, green salad with sliced tomatoes, and buttered Texas toast.

The Senior Social last night was a huge success! As a reminder, our Chiefs (finishing 8 and 9), hosted the same ages from Camp Desoto. They played games, competed in trivia, ate pizza and enjoyed freshly made donuts from a local donut truck. This was a nice precursor to our all camp parties that will happen soon!

Tomorrow we’re all looking forward to a Sunday set apart from the routine. We’ll sleep late, 8 instead of 7, and head straight to the Dining Hall for pancakes. All is well here high atop Lookout Mountain!

Thanks for reading and good night for now, Glenn