Dancing Into the Weekend

Our trips all returned safe and sound and on time yesterday evening. The AT hikers were weary and in great spirits. And excited for a shower! We’ll have them over to our home next week one night and hear all about the trail. Early reports I heard this morning were “hard but totally worth it” type sentiments.

Weather held out for all the outside trips. Guys loved rafting in such gorgeous surroundings. The Scouts raved about the Tennessee Tornado and the Wild Eagle roller coasters. The Trappers spotted SEC celebrities like Paul Finebaum and Gus Malzahn at the College Football Hall of Fame! And the Hunters could not stop talking about how great the burgers were at Five Guys!!

Today’s weather has been nothing short of magical for mid July, with light humidity and cool breezes blowing through most of the morning. Roderick let us sleep in this morning after our big day out. And the kitchen welcomed us home with hot pancakes for breakfast!

Two activities ran this morning (due to later wake up) and then two this afternoon. Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, and lima beans fueled us up in between.

As I type this each age group is engaged in a night activity announced by Roderick at dinner. The Braves are playing Angle Ball on the Team Sports Field. Two teams compete to knock the other’s “angle ball” off it’s standard. The standards are about 12 feet high, topped with an upside down plunger holding a red playground ball. A ring of cones surrounds each standard, serving as a barrier neither team can enter. The standards are opposite field from one another, and on diagonals of a rectangular field. Several footballs serve as the instruments for knocking the other team’s angle ball down, scoring a point for that team. From there it’s similar to flag football and soccer. The game is constantly running and players may run or pass the footballs. But once tagged they must freeze and throw the ball within 3 seconds. It’s fast paced action and allows for lots of touches on the footballs. Boys love it.

The Warriors are having a more laid back evening, roasting S’mores by the campfire and telling stories, a camp staple for sure. Other groups are spread out playing Spotlight, gym hockey, etc.

This time tomorrow night will be quite a change of pace from our normal nights. We’ll get all cleaned up and dressed up before dinner for some dancing with the ladies at Camp Desoto! We’ll host their older girls over here while the Hunters, Trappers, and Scouts are invited to Desoto. Gotta love a small town Saturday night boot scoot!

Thanks for reading and good night for now, Glenn