Cool Weather Weekend

First, our apologies for no photos being posted yesterday and today. We’ve had some technical difficulties with our upload program. Our media crew has been working nonstop to fix the issue and hope to have photos up by this evening. In fact, they may be posted before I finish this update.

The last couple days have been by far the finest of the summer. The rain on Opening Day ushered in cooler temps and took with it almost every layer of humidity. Highs in the 70’s with partly cloudy skies and gentle breezes make for ideal camp weather. We almost needed a sleeve this morning as we hurried to breakfast for Mrs. Gail’s classic Alpine pancakes. These are made from scratch, flipped by the several thousand starting early, early Sunday morning. Sausage patties and canteloupe complemented the flapjacks, along with dry cereal options.

All reports were positive from our first 5 activities of the term yesterday. Fishing reported high catch rates at our stocked pond up on the hill near horseback. Every activity covered rules and boundaries to start before jumping right in with a beginner activity. Tennis drilled on ground strokes.

Project Adventure, our ropes course activity, began with some get to know you games and initiatives. The emphasis for the first few days is on building the team in the class. We want the course to be more than just fun rides. Though it is that when they get “in the trees”! But they are also learning about how to encourage one another, to do hard things, and to work with others to accomplish challenges. It’s a super popular activity.

Another highly subcribed activity is Crafts. This creative stop meets in a cool spot underneath the Dining Hall on a covered porch. They’ll work with clay and wood and other hands on projects. Boys love working with their hands and the break from the sun is a nice plus.

Being Sunday, our schedule is a departure from the normal routine of the other 6 days. This afternoon boys are enjoying special age group activities around camp. Hunters, Trappers, and Scouts (finished 2nd - 5th grades) are playing kickball, volleyball, and a few other field games in 15 minute rotations for quick turning action. Warriors (finished 6th grade) are enjoying a game called Extreme Kickball in the gym. It’s a crazy mash of kickball, dodgeball with a little chaos thrown in. It’s nonstop action and they gave huge cheers when announced at lunch. Braves (finished 7th grade) have hiked up to our Lacrosse field for a cabin v cabin rotation of soccer and ultimate frisbee. And our oldest guys, the Chiefs, are relaxing at the pool and Little River.

Very shortly all will be summoned to the team sports field for cold, cut slices of watermelon. This morning our camp minister, Bill Boyd, reminded us at church what Sundays, and really camp, are all about. He preached on Mark 2:27-28, Jesus’ teaching on the Sabbath. Bill told us that the Lord gives us rest to enjoy. And that the more we understand rest and how much God gives it to us we’ll want to give rest to our neighbors around us. And he reminded us what a privelege it is to be at camp, a place that provides rest for all of us in so many unique ways.

Tomorrow we’ll be back on track with more activities. The weather looks picture perfect for tomorrow as well. Thanks for reading and goodbye for now, Glenn