Lifetime Friendships

Carter and I received this text yesterday from a former camper and staff member: “Come July I will have known [this friend] for ten years and yesterday I got to stand by his side as he married the luckiest girl in the world. Continually finding new ways to be thankful for all that Alpine did for me, and getting excited for all those boys who are there now getting to find their own new best friends.” This is what camp is all about and such an encouragement for us to hear. And he is right. Those friendships are happening right now at camp. I love walking around camp and seeing boys talking, playing tennis, laughing, or eating a snack with boys they did not know just a few weeks ago.

If you’ve been watching the radar in Northeast Alabama you’ve noticed that we’ve just had a heavy thunderstorm pass through our area. The rain is slackening now and all is well at camp. Some nights it’s fun to have a rainy night in the cabin listening to the drum of rain on the tin roof and hanging out with your cabinmates. I know of several cabins where the counselor read a book to the entire group during the storm. Others played games. And thankfully we fit in a full day of activities today before the rain hit!

In those activities all sorts of action is happening. Minor Sports held the finals of their Petanque tourney today during Rest Hour. Teams of 2 clad in collared shirts (a gentlemen’s game, of course!) battled for the top Petanque prize. Petanque is Bocce Ball - we just prefer the sound of the French name. It’s a fun game that allows for hanging out and good conversations while playing.

Each tennis class has been seeded and play has begun in the Alpine Open. Fishing and fly fishing classes continue to have great success in our ponds uptop. Our PA Ropes Course classes have moved “into the trees” on our high element course.

Several groups of Warriors embarked on a special half day out of camp adventure today. We bussed them to Desoto Falls where they rapelled a 75 foot cliff near the Falls. Ably guided by our friends at Higher Ground, this is one of many ways we allow boys to take risk safely. I’ve heard it said that most boys are looking for ways to take risks, especially as they move into adolescence. So as adults our job is not to shield them from all risk. That’s not good preparation for life. Our job is to help them learn how to choose healthy risks. The Warriors who did not rappel today or yesterday will have a chance on Thursday.

That’s because tomorrow is a camp holiday! Mountain Day is here!! A camper found me today and said, unsolicited, “Tomorrow is like Christmas for me. I’ve been waiting for this day all year.” I’ll look forward to filling you in on all the details, probably Thursday.

For lunch today we dined on chicken fingers, mashed potatoes, lima beans, and rolls. Chicken spaghetti with green salad and sliced tomatoes filled out plates this evening before the storm.

Thanks for reading and Happy Mountain Day! Glenn