The Fun Continues

While it’s in the back of our minds that 2nd Term is winding down, the fun continues full speed ahead on Lookout Mountain this weekend. This morning early our advanced fly fishing class launched out on an expedition to the Hiwassee River in Reliance, TN. Their search - trout in a beautiful, natural body of water cool enough to hold the species this time of year. The kitchen packed lunches and they’ll arrive back by 5, hopefully with some good fish tales.

Meantime, our horsemanship class for Braves and Chiefs ate country style over an open campfire this morning. Horsemanship classes afford boys an opportunity to take extra classes of horseback and receive more in depth instruction, not just on riding but care, grooming, and saddling.

The rest of us dined on scrambled eggs, grits, big, flaky biscuits and sausage. And of course the buffet offerings of yogurt, granola, and fruit. Both yesterday and today we carry on with regular activities, though many are in the midst of final competitions. If you are a regular weather watcher you probably noticed our forecast yesterday - 100% chance of rain. A light drizzle began around breakfast time and continued throughout the morning, at times coming down a bit harder. No severe weather thankfully. In fact, not even the faintest hint of thunder. This allowed us to carry on with regular activities all day, though some made minor adjustments due to rain.

The payoff is today. The front ushered in cooler temps, lower humidity, and baby blue skies this morning. And the high is 83, on July 29! Some years we are fighting against triple digits by this time of the summer, so we’ll take this gladly.

Tonight Roderick and crew will put on our 2nd Term Council Ring, a campfire ceremony designed to honor and celebrate our 2nd year chiefs as well as provide some skit like comedic entertainment from a select group of counselors. Tomorrow our final Sunday to enjoy pancakes, worship, and cabin time activities.

I love this time of the term for it’s relational aspects. We’ve mostly worked through any cabin or activity hiccups. Boys are enjoying one another so much. With a realization that the term is coming to an end soon, they are making the most of every day.

2nd Term parents, you received an email from our office this morning outlining instructions for this Wednesday’s closing. Feel free to reach out to Monique,, if you have any last minute changes or questions.

I’ll be back with one more update Monday or Tuesday. Thanks for reading, Glenn