Sunday on Lookout Mountain

A change of pace today was welcome after a full first week at camp, a day of rest and worship, and fun activities with cabinmates. Sundays at Alpine are special. They feel very different than the other 6 days. We first know it’s Sunday because we roll over about 7 expecting Reveille only to notice that all is still quiet. An extra hour of sleep comes in handy after a busy week of activity.

When we are on the road in the offseason talking to current and former campers we often ask them what traditions they remember best about camp. Sundays are almost always brought up in the first 2 or 3 favorites. And specifically pancakes on Sunday morning. Mrs. Crow’s pancakes, and now her daughter Mrs. Gail’s, are known throughout the Southeast by men and boys alike.

Sunday morning also lends time to an extra special “white glove” cabin inspection, also much needed after the busyness of the week. Somewhere in mid morning a bell rings and the entire camp lines up single file, clad in white Alpine shirts and any variety of white short. A second bell calls us to silence and we process into church one by one.

John Mark preached from Luke this morning, the story of Zacchaeus. He encouraged us greatly on Jesus as our friend who sticks with us no matter what. He also used a vivid illustration from his favorite children’s movie, Toy Story, and the friendship of Andy and Woody.

After church we head to the dining hall. Baked chicken, green beans, rice and homemade gravy, pears, and rolls await us. But most importantly, Moosetracks for dessert. Moosetracks hold a special place in the hearts of many an Alpine camper. Mayfield Dairy’s most popular flavor, it combines vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge chunks and tiny peanut butter cups (vanilla is offered for boys with allergies).

After Sunday lunch we also sing a traditional Alpine song, Thank you Lord, for Alpine. Written and set to music 40 years ago by Bob Ross and Lee “Flop” Ozier, it has stood the test of time. And I would say has become known as the Alpine theme song. So many oft repeated phrases have come out of that song, such as “For rapids that flow” and “Mrs. Crow and her chow”.

Sunday afternoon brings time to run around and play some games as a cabin. A few cabins teamed up for a scavenger hunt, planned by their counselors. Several hunter (rising 3rd or 4th) cabins are making homemade ice cream on our porch while also playing games like UNO and Headbandz. And at least one other cabin is playing in a wet weather stream running behind the tennis courts. They are muddy and happy building dams and splashing around! We reunite at the end of the afternoon on the Team Sports field where we cut up cold, juicy watermelons. Is there anything better on a summer afternoon?

Sunday night will hold vespers services for each cabin area. A different counselor will give a short devotional in each area. Then it will be off to bed to rest up for another busy week.

Thanks for reading, Glenn