Merry Christmas!!! (in July)

It might seem like an ordinary July Tuesday where you are.  Not at Alpine.  It’s Christmas here at camp.  Summer Christmas that is.  For the Hunters, our youngest boys in camp, this is a special few days.  And really it’s fun for the whole camp. Yesterday afternoon Hunters took turns decorating Christmas cookies, making paper chains for our Christmas tree, and other Christmas type games.

Last night they each hung a sock in the Lodge by the fireplace (nevermind if they were a bit dirty or smelly).  All the same, summer Santa brought some fun toys and candy for these boys this morning.  Last night they read the Christmas story.  This morning they received a visit and photo op with Santa.

We all got in the Christmas spirit this morning at breakfast, singing along with Christmas carols playing over the speakers.  And the crowd favorite, 12 days of Alpine Christmas, including such favorites as 7 Nutty Buddies and 2 fat dogs.  Today’s lunch was Christmas tradition, of course. Turkey and dressing, green beans, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce, plus warm rolls. And just like Christmas I ate entirely too much. Thankfully we all enjoyed a full rest hour afterwards (myself included!).

Besides the morning and noon time festivities, activities have rolled on as normal. The Chief 2’s are enjoying nice weather for their backpacking trip. No news from them, which is always good news. At lunch today I made one of my favorite announcements, to much cheering and applause. I told the boys that breakfast would be extra early in the morning. Because after breakfast we’re all headed out on trips across the Southeast! Trip Day is here!! We’ll look forward to bringing you all the news from tomorrow’s adventures on Friday.

Tonight, each age group is getting a turn at Slaughterball in the gym. In between games they are meeting with their counselors to go over trip day plans, rules, etc. As I type this many boys are in the gym singing, an after dinner ritual for a long time around here.

Every night boys gather in the gym to sing camp songs.  We call it Glee Club. All of camp attends for the first few days.  Then it becomes optional, with two big incentives.  Each camper that joins Glee club garners a point for his tribe.  And you get to go to Desoto one extra time to sing for the ladies.  You can imagine the shrieks and screams from the crowd as our boys serenade them to such favorites as “Desoto Girl” (to the tune of California Girls, I wish they all could be Camp Desoto Girls!).  Or “PO Box 432” to the tune of Taylor Swift’s “22” (we span many generations and genres here at Alpine!).

For dinner we enjoyed a newer entree - baked ziti - a delicious pasta and meat filled dish that the boys seem to love. Served with buttered toast, green salad with sliced tomatoes and ranch dressing, everyone had their fill.

Thanks for reading and good night,